Yesterday would have been my Mom’s 70th birthday.   Wow, sometimes I still can’t believe she’s been gone 5 yrs.  Cancer sucks! I was so lucky to have her for 34 years.  She was such a little firecracker, so full of life and love.  I will never doubt there is a heaven.  Just to see the smile of love and peace and joy that was on her face as she quietly slipped away was a miracle.  I had to ask my Dad if he saw it too lol. It was one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking moments of my life.  I miss her so much! She wasn’t just my Mom but my best friend. but i know I will see her again one day and that’s enough.

Shepard Smith is an ass

Yes suicide is a choice.  But it is not that black and white.  Robin Williams suffered from depression. Depression is NOT a choice! It sucks u down into a ever growing black cloud of pain and screws with your head.  I am a smart, pretty, confident woman.  Depression can and has made me feel weak, lazy, ugly, crazy, and completely undeserving of any love or compassion.  Its an insidious disease that crosses any and all boundaries.  For me, its a hereditary brain disease.    And although I know I have nothing to feel ashamed of, I do not tell colleagues because it can lead to unemployment.  That’s a very sad and true statement.  I dream of the day no one would think any less of me than if I had cancer or ms.  Depression is a part of me but I try every day to not let it define me.

The Fairytale

After kissing a pondful of frogs, you find your prince, get married, and live happily ever after right?  What happens when it doesn’t go the way you planned? Your prince becomes kind of a frog, you’re 38, haven’t had sex in over a year (hubby always tired or not in mood) and yet to have any kids.  Then you meet your soul mate.  Now life gets interesting lol. Do u stay and try to make it work with your frog prince / roommate?  Or do you grab the amazingly sexy, incredibly sweet guy who just completes you in every way.  No he’s not perfect, but he might just be perfect for you. Stay tuned….