Slowly Going Crazy

Why is it that guys tell me everyday how pretty and sexy I am but my own husband is afraid to touch me? Im not a supermodel lol. Just a woman with a naturally high sex drive who needs to be loved. He used to love that about me before he lost his mojo. I have removed my dating profile and said goodbye to the few guys I was still in touch with. Have been completely and totally honest and upfront with him. I even told him I fell in love with P because he made me feel beautiful, special, sexy and loved.I just need sex, love and intimacy. Doesn’t everyone?

12 thoughts on “Slowly Going Crazy

  1. amfeelingright says:

    I cannot believe a man who has it all with a wonderful woman can remain reticent in a physical relationship. Like you said, people probably take it for granted and do not appreciate what they have. Guess, some men are just confusing.

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  2. bruisedelbows says:

    Hey, thanks for following me! Love, affection and physical intimacy and such fundamental needs for many people that it can feel like torture or suffocation to not get them. You are so strong for doing what you’re doing.

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