Men & Women

Its always been my philosophy that men are stupid and women are crazy. Now imagine my surprise when I recently discovered a quote by the late comedian George Carlin saying the same exact thing! Maybe I saw it on cable as a teen and it just made sense lol.

Men are stupid because they really don’t realize how easy it is to make most of us happy. A flower, a love note, heck I adored this little bottle of sand that said Jersey Shore my ex bought me to remember a trip we took last year. It’s simple little things that melt my heart. And if they just put in the tiniest bit of effort, we would have no trouble picking up their socks or even converting from a lifelong Giants fan to a Jets fan upon marriage. (That was H’s condition and mine was lots of sex. I lived up to my side of the bargain and he soooo hasn’t.)

Women are crazy because a lot of us expect guys to automatically know what we like and what makes us happy. And because we change our minds a LOT and sometimes expect them to just know this without us bothering to tell them about said changes lol.

Anyway, I still cannot believe that old guy and I shared a basic life philosophy about the sexes. Blows my mind!

And while yes this may be a gross generalization, its also just my opinion. And like they say “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!”

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