Happy? I Doubt It

I used to feel like I won the lottery because you loved me and always wanted to spend time with me. You were so handsome, sweet and had such a funloving, beautiful spirit. You made my heart stop. I had forgotten how silly and fun love can be. You said you never believed in soulmates until you met me. And you are such a horrible liar that I believed you.

Then suddenly u changed and disappeared right in front of my eyes. But I guess if you truly loved me and wanted me, you wouldn’t have let fear and manipulation keep you trapped in the prison you created.

You dont value me at all anymore and it was stupid and naive for me to hope for so long. Its over and you are out of my life for good. You destroyed my heart and I have to pick up the pieces and go on. You are a stranger, cold, distant and detached. Now ur actually a selfish egotistical asshole who knows he’s living a lie and whose soul is slowly withering and dying.

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