Sometimes Facebook is the devil

I wrote this last week before I decided to stop myself from looking.

I have been having a great week.  I’m happy and my heart is healing.  So then what possessed me to check out P’s facebook page? Seeing a family picture with her fake smiling as always. It’s completely looney tunes/bonkers! She’s one of those people that pretends everything is perfect, even with her marriage on the rocks, her daughter being thrown out of 8th grade, etc. As long as it looks good to others, who cares if everyone’s miserable?

I detest fakeness. Just be how you really are! Don’t pretend to be all sweet and happy in front of others, then be a miserable bitch to your family.

Why can’t people own their crazy, good and bad? When did being honest and authentic go out of style? I love to laugh and am generally a happy go lucky person. But I won’t pretend to be happy if I’m upset, angry or miserable.

He looked uncomfortable and not happy. But not as miserable as he has been. I guess pretending everything is wonderful isn’t as easy as it used to be. I actually feel sorry for the poor bastard.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes Facebook is the devil

  1. Megan says:

    I hate Facebook, it’s my biggest trigger.

    His wife shared the first photo of them together in 14 years this week. First photo ever of her smiling. And then she made it her cover photo. All while I was online (we’re friends, she can see when I’m around).

    I’ve stayed away from Fakebook for the past 3 days and am feeling much better for it.

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  2. rk325100 says:

    I looked at her facebook page in September 2 months after it ended. I then saw things and started to find out how much she lied to me. All the lies and pity stories I fell for. So putting on a pretend face is bad but lying about who you are and deceiving others to get them to fall for you is far worse.


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