Listen up Nephila the Bully!!!!

Enough is enough! Stop your hate! Get over what YOUR HUSBAND and some woman did to you already! 

Don’t you realize how pathetic even your “friends” on here think you are??? U are not a crusader, you are not joan of arc! U are just a sad sack of a woman wasting her time spreading nastiness and misery like an Elf from Hell!

DIAL BACK YOUR CRAZY LADY! I have had quite enough of your judgements and your sick, twisted delusional bullshit. YOU ARE A BULLY, A COWARD AND NOBODY LIKES YOU because of your vile, negative ways. You judge me? Whatever made you think you have the right to judge me? LOL That is absurd.  You need professional help!

You need to worry more about yourself, healing and love in your marriage. Worry about your cheating husband (although if this is how u act it is NO WONDER) and keeping him home k? And stop abusing strangers with your holier than thou crap.

If you cannot see that I am a good, kind loving person who cares and goes out of her way for others, you are just blinded by your hate and vengeance. 

You are an ugly, cruel creature and I really do pity you. I will pray for you.


158 thoughts on “Listen up Nephila the Bully!!!!

  1. I had an affair says:

    Ahh… Nephi the cow has chosen your pasture for now, huh? Well, look up a bit b/c her hatred has waned some lately. She has a mental disorder and often treats it with pills or alcohol. I think this is why sometimes her posts are “lazy” and redundant….. too much of one or the other “medication”. She is truly bizarre and nutto indeed. She has an expensive law degree, yet chooses to stay unemployed, allowing herself to troll more with her hatred. It is mainly against cheaters, but she has attacked suicidal bloggers, eating disorder bloggers and the like… everyone is fair game to her bitter hatred. I feel sorry for her children (even the one that died before having to face her hatred) and her husband (Like CL said – no wonder he cheated). Either way… you be you and fuck her! 🙂

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  2. angelmorals says:

    She is a very bitter woman and she has been around for years, she reminds me of my mother and I feel sorry for her. I just let her comments go to spam though she does compare herself to being the best wife but she is so bitter and she needs intensive therapy otherwise she will never be able to become anything but “Elf from hell” I am surprised she is still out there. I thought she had left the blog world.

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  3. Recovering WS says:

    Yes, she’s been like an affair-blog troll for a while. I just routinely deleted her and blocked her posts, sending them directly to spam. She’s a very very sad and bitter person. She needs psychological help.

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    • emmagc75 says:

      She really does. This cannot possibly be good for her or a positive influence in her life. I just saw all the messages she has sent that go directly to spam ALL AT ONCE and frankly I was shocked and appalled at the ugliness and lack of any empathy or compassion. It was also pretty late and I just reacted lol. I do not hate anyone, but I vehemently dislike bullies 🙂

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  4. Bee says:

    I believe it was on married in love with a married woman’s blog where she said she had a mental illness, drinks too much, and couldn’t work. That makes me feel bad for her in a sick, twisted way. In my case, she loves to defend my partner’s cheating wife and doesn’t see the irony in that.

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      • Bee says:

        Having been cheated on and surviving both rape and watching my husband struggle with PTSD from being run over, I can say none of the three are like the others. None of them.

        I used to read her spam comments, but then I started to see the signs of a mentally ill person who doesn’t take meds, and gave up all together. Now I do a mass delete all without reading. I can’t, in good faith, encourage her behavior when it’s so mentally unbalanced.

        Hell, even when she saw me as a ‘good guy’ she attacked my position to stay with my husband. You can’t win for trying with her.

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        • emmagc75 says:

          Yes, she’s all over the place and gets a lot of things incorrect. I do feel very sorry for her husband and kids. But I do not like bullies and that is what she has been doing to myself and many others. When I looked and saw ALL those messages!!!! OMG, it was disgusting, hateful and just wrong lol.

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  5. Felicity says:

    Elf from hell indeed. There are no surprises her husband cheated. I compiled a list of my spam comments once. Its actually hilarious.
    There are some little spies I know in Melbourne. One day they will come up with something concrete and we will stop her. No guts troll who hides behind her keyboard wont be able to hide forever!

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