Can’t Explain It

Did you ever have one of those weeks where nothing really bad happened but you just felt sad, exhausted and just yucky?  I haven’t been sleeping a lot which is probably the main reason. 

I just feel kind of defeated and wondering why? I really hope it’s temporary but I definitely need a vacation just to relax and recharge.

This little community of bloggers have made me feel safe, understood and given me a lot of inspiration.  But like anywhere else, there’s always people that feed off drama and conflict.

I should be grateful actually. As a result, I now know better who matters and who doesn’t. But it always hurts to realize you only matter to someone if you agree with their choices. I honestly hope people that care about me would stop me before I dive off a cliff. I identified with this woman very much and seeing her take 10 steps back scares me. Will that happen to me? Will I just allow someone to hurt n betray me over n over again and keep going back for more? I really truly hope not. But how do I know? I never thought she would but she has.

If your love or even your communication has to be hidden from others, it’s probably NOT a true and lasting love. And the person you will end up hurting most is yourself.  Yes you can’t choose who you fall in love with. But you can choose to either stand up and declare your love, live in the open or pretend it’s true love in secret and watch it wither and die. 

Life is too short for all these secret affairs that do nothing but waste years of your life. Please take it from someone who was in one and never ever expected to be.

Someone I thought was a friend turned out not to be because I told her what everyone else is thinking. Her ex-AP now has a blog (no biggie freedom of speech right?) But now this twit is everywhere I go and making the most hypocritical comments imaginable!! He actually had the audacity to lecture another blogger about how not sharing all the info is lying. This from a man who is currently talking to his ex-mistress and his poor wife has absolutely no idea!

So if she hadn’t crawled back n begged him to talk to her, then told him about her blog, the rest of us wouldn’t have to be affected by her dirty laundry. I guess that also upset me more than I realized.

Between that n my sicko stalker still harassing me, I just haven’t been my happy go lucky, smartass self lol.

But getting it all out always makes me feel so much better. I’m feeling better and stronger already.

Thank you to my fellow bloggers who always show love and support. Please feel free to kick my ass if I go cliffdiving k? 🙂

82 thoughts on “Can’t Explain It

  1. Felicity says:

    It’s so hard seeing people make choices that are most likely going to see them in a world of pain again. I hope not for her sake. But none of us are beyond returning until we no longer yearn for them and see them in a new light.
    As for the stalker – think about it – If you are a woman, it is all about how you can make it up to your APs wife. If she comments to a male – it’s all about how he has to make it up to the wife. Actually it’s all about HER. We didn’t marry his wife – our AP did, so he needs to make it up to the wife – we owe our husbands. But to her we are always the OW, so need to make it up to ‘her’. . Ugh – – She is nothing but a deluded, disrespectful, vile, underhanded, selfish, detestable, creature. Away with her.. 😉

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    • emmagc75 says:

      Perfectly said! I agree but for me it’s like a drug addict being friends with someone doing crack. I’m still recovering and it’s just not good for me ya know?

      And the infidelity elf from hell? Yes it is all about her, has nothing to do with us unless we repent n bow down before her. Hey how about she holds her breath? But I do get annoyed when she steals my lines lol. I told whoresnotwelcome her H’s ow is a bunny boiler a bunch of times, because the chick is batshit crazy n cause it makes her laugh when I tell her to keep her pets inside lol. I saw one comment from N recently on a friend’s blog n she’s stealing my lines lol. That’s why I will ignore n not feed the troll. She needs to lay off the booze n pills.

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  2. Miss Evelyn says:

    I guess you can think of it this way sis, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and also people can CHANGE just because they said something doesn’t mean they will keep to it. People change all the time right ?

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  3. Janelle says:

    Please don’t take it personally. Sometimes advice and comments are genuine, heart-felt, and on-point, but the recipient is not yet ready to face the ultimate consequences of their actions. I’m having a rough week myself and have taken your advice – go where the love is – and even mentioned it and waved to you in one of my posts. Hang in there.

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  4. New Journey says:

    It took me more than once to finally learn…I learned unless it’s your children, you must think of yourself first, always, and do not trust your mind.. It changes thoughts constantly.. But if you think with your heart… It will always be there, one steady beat, it rarely leads you astray…. I finally learned this after much heart ache… I also was taught, if you really want to know a man watch him with animals and how he treats him mother..

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  5. bac4sccr says:

    Okay, two things: 1- if it feels like your back in middle school when you talk to people then they are probably best avoided. 2- I love cliff diving. You should really try it. It is a great rush.

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