43 thoughts on “Really? 1337?

      • gentlekindness says:

        It is sometimes surprising which posts get the most comments or the most likes. I have spent over an hour researching for a post and gotten a few likes.

        Then I write something right off the top of my head, that takes me less than five minutes, and it gets 25 likes.
        I never can tell what will happen.

        That is why I have learned to only research something if I would have wanted to, or it would help me somehow anyway.

        Otherwise I am better off just talking off the top of my head and typing it in.

        The post I wrote the other night about the walking Zombie mental illness took me over an hour and a half to research and write.

        I was interested in it because the disorder came up in the tv show Hannibal, which I was watching on Amazon Prime.

        When I first saw this post of yours, I thought it was so weird that they recognized that weird number. I would have written a nearly identical post, if it were me, so I thought your post was funny.

        It was interesting to learn that the number actually has significance. If you had not posted this, neither of us would know about that.

        Have a good night. I am getting ready to watch Hannibal.


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        • emmagc75 says:

          Yes u never know what will get few likes n what will get a ton. I’m the same way! I get interested in something and I want to know all the information I can find lol. It was so great of people to share all they knew. That’s why I love our little blogosphere lol. Enjoy Hannibal n leave a light on. That’s scary lol. Night xo


  1. abyssbrain says:

    I always believe that all numbers have significance. For example, if you multiply 1337 by itself 1000 times (1337^1000) and reverse the digits of the answer, then you will get a prime number :). And 1337 is the smallest number of such pattern as well.

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