10 Things That Make Me Smile

Smile for 5 seconds! Even if you don’t feel like smiling. You will be glad you did. Have a great day 🙂

Hopeful Heartbeats

20150711-185830.jpgWe all know that being happy makes you smile, but did you know that smiling makes you happy? It is scientifically proven that even forcing a smile triggers endorphins that instantly lift your mood. Smiling also lowers stress and anxiety, studies have shown that smiling during stressful situations lowers your heart rate and gives you a more neutral facial expression.

It also makes you more attractive to others, as a simple smile suggests that you are more personable and out going. Even better, a grin on your face can strengthen your immune system by making your body produce more white blood cells that help you fight illnesses.

With all this heart warming information in mind I decided to make a list of 10 things that put a smile on my face. So here we go

1) Friends and Family – Nothing makes me happier that spending time with the people…

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