Goodbye my love


I loved you with all my heart & soul mistakenly believing you to be whole Devoted to me while I adored you
Our love grew strong, so special & new.

Days passed in glorious wonder
Like the spell of my angeleyes
you appeared to be under
U had never known love
until I showed you the way
Though I loved you so dearly,
In the end you could not stay.

Hearts bound together
through time and space.
But now that heart is broken
an empty chamber in its place.

I continued to grieve and mourn
what might have been.
Never realizing our fate was cast
at the moment of first sin.

Beneath a cold fresh bed of snow
A flower dies without
a chance to grow.
A baby gone before
it took its first breath.
Our once joyous dreams
died a sad lonely death.

A promise unfulfilled,
a love that will never be.
I still had hope one day you’d see
U were my everything.
No one will ever capture
your heart like me.

After 8 months, I really needed to say goodbye to P. While I did have a few poems published years ago, this is my first attempt in over 8 years. So please be gentle. Thanks Kc 🙂

While the poem may be sad, I can honestly say that I am not. I am happy and hopeful for the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be. I’m going where the love is!

49 thoughts on “Goodbye my love

  1. sonofabeach96 says:

    I’m finding writing is cathartic for me as well. Your writing seems to strike a chord with others in similar situations. To inspire and give hope to others is a gift, both to them and yourself. It appears as though that writers block you referred to a while back is no longer an issue. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

        • emmagc75 says:

          Yes n 8 months later he calls says he’s separating. Yeah right lol. She’s a frigid narcissist n he’s addicted to the abuse.

          Ohhh but now she spends hours a day at gym. I thought she would b thin n tight lol. Omg she looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger with smaller boobs n woman’s face!!!! Lol Scary


            • emmagc75 says:

              He asked me to just meet him for dinner about 20 times. I kept saying no. We were together a year and a half. He told her he wanted out then when she threatened n manipulated he changed his mind. She will always manipulate. She’s a frigid narcissist lol. N he’s screwed up. No I won’t be second choice to a selfish crappy mom. What about you?


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