Does Lack of Yawn Contagion Predict Narcissism??

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this simple test could help identify narcissists? Very interesting indeed!

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just spent the last six business days listening to some experts presenting at the Professional Update that I organized for this year. It is specifically designed to keep the professionals that I work with up to date with the advancements in Veterinary Medicine.

One of the concepts that comes up repeatedly is the issue of sensitivity and specificity. Very scientific sounding, but in simple terms, they let you know the chance that your “test” will give you accurate results. If a test is very sensitive it will find every case of disease. If it is specific, it will never tell you there is disease when there is not.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say, hypothetically, that without empathy you have no yawn contagion. Yawn contagion is the simple truth that when someone yawns, we all start yawning. Yes, you, I’m directing this comment at those that can feel…

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8 thoughts on “Does Lack of Yawn Contagion Predict Narcissism??

  1. KatieComeBack says:

    Oh dear….not only do I NOT yawn when others do, I fake-yawn to get one of my team members started just for giggles!

    Yawning makes my eyes water, and my makeup run, so I trained myself NOT to yawn when I saw one so I wasn’t doing mascara repair. Wonder if that counts…. 🙂

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