11 thoughts on “The Reasons Why You Settle When You Really Want To Split

  1. Andrew says:

    🙂 I fear my writing skills arnt up to that going by my rather tawdry sex blog, but you’re right why do some adults complain on tv on such issues………no substitute for education.

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  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve never been in a long term relationship, and my sister-in-law says “Andrew (sigh!) You look at marriage through rose tinted glasses and it ain’t like that”.

    However perhaps I’m the right person to ask, “if someone wants to split, then do it” …………lol now I’ll sit back and hope for the reply I deserve!

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      • Andrew says:

        :/ I know it’s an awful admission and I realised now I’ve MISSED opportunities over the years. Lol there could be a post here but that’s just painful and self indulgent. X

        Being candid I wish I hadn’t left losing my virginity till my forties, didn’t masturbate infill 26 and I put that down to an appalling sex education at school, seriously! Remember this is pre internet, no porn I time of adult magazines 18+, so how else is a guy boy suppose to learn unless he works it out :/

        Point being if I’d experienced a male orgasm then I’d have been ‘out there’ trying to get laid every Friday night and meet someone? All a bit very lame but that’s blogging honesty for you, plus shyness nerves perseved inadequaties, but I blame a lack of sex education……… you’ll agree there’s no substitute for knowledge and knowing all the facts whatever subject.

        Lol there’s more to it of course, epilepsy etc, sorry for the long reply.

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        • emmagc75 says:

          No, not self indulgence. I think it’s necessary and extremely interesting to write about this. Wow! How is that possible? U do know they made a hilarious movie about a 40 year-old virgin right? I think my bros started looking at porn magazines at like 13 lol. Thinking back, no one told me how to masturbate. I just figured it out on my own as a young girl. When my Mom would see me touching myself, sometimes she would give me a cookie to keep my hands busy. When I was older and she told me I laughed my ass off and said no wonder I was such a chubby kid lol!!!

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