4 facts about trauma-bonding in abusive relationships

Such a powerful article!

“When we do summon up the strength to leave, the trauma-bond manifests itself as an intense longing for our abusive ex. Sometimes we return to them because we genuinely feel we love them, we need them, and we miss them (I did, many times).

However, this is an illusion. It is the trauma-bond speaking to us. Those that have lived with domestic abuse are often more resilient, strong, resourceful and intelligent than their abuser allows them to believe. We are certainly stronger than our abuser: just look at everything we have done just to survive!”

Source: 4 facts about trauma-bonding in abusive relationships

4 thoughts on “4 facts about trauma-bonding in abusive relationships

  1. Louise Fowler says:

    I know this one, but it doesn’t just manifest with partners/ex’s it happen with families/parents. I left my family but for a long time I kept on going back to see them and get more abuse until I left for 20 years and got criticized by everyone for that – because they didn’t know and didn’t have enough sense to figure it out. It must be Louise. Sometimes you just can’t win.

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      • Louise Fowler says:

        Was it better without them – yes.having said that I know I did the right thing by taking care of my mother and I would not change that, despite the fact I was attached and eviscerated by the Houston clan for doing that. It was the right thing, and that can never be regretted.

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        • emmagc75 says:

          I’m glad you did the right thing. Life is too short to live under the heavy burden of regrets. I cannot even imagine. It was hard enough losing my Mom. To then have to wage battle just to defend yourself like u did is incomprehensible to me. I think it would have changed me. I hope not, but I think it would have. U are an inspiration my dear Louise! Thank u for ur kindness n support. Hugs xo!

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