35 thoughts on “We’re Good

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Emma 🙂 ’tis Andrew! I’ve put a post up for you, a few Monkey Dust video clips, themes may be universal or very British……………. Dark Humor is the best description, Yes Dark Humor rather than satire and made for Adults………… suprising how you can say things in a cartoon which the media dare not mention…… some of the more controversial were banned………entertaining and a favourite!

    Btw of course it may be not your thing lol.

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      • Andrew says:

        Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill are just brilliant, if you really want to understand what the UK’s about watch ‘Monkey Dust’. (Similar to yours)

        However this just shows the power of a simple cartoon series, some episodes you cannot buy on DVD, some episodes our Government has banned, no profane porn or violence they are the true real world we live in, you name it the cartoon scenes dealt with controversial subjects like Muslim extremism, Iraq War, illegal asylum seekers, suicide bombers, inner City crime, police brutality and upstanding members of the community having in call prostitutes visit them, not forgetting paedophilia, abuse of the benefits system etc…. the series was well written TRUTHFUL and went to the heart of an issue, that powerful thought to be dangerous for race relations, a cartoon? and then the Government bans it, and I’ve looked into this, I think they banned the production of DVD’s………….. as you can tell it makes me angry……..whatever happened to free speech!

        (Yes there are one or two scenes on YouTube but the controversial episodes are like they never happened!)

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