Searching for what?

I have been thinking about this post for a while, ever since the summer and definitely since my good friend Ev did a post on her Search Terms.  Now obviously her are a LOT more risque and entertaining lol.  Mine seem kind of sad and very focused.   Letting go is DEFINITELY the #1 search term.  People have searched for that hundreds of times over the last few months alone.  I guess I wasn’t the only person having trouble with this concept.

  • break addiction to narcissist
  • never waste your life on people who don’t deserve you just move on
  • can a partner be addicted to a narcissist
  • don’t think about the narcissist
  • quotes that say I regret asking for a chance
  • I won’t let u die
  • early grief quotes
  • sometimes you agree because of love
  • coping with withdrawal from an affair
  • giving things a chance quotes
  • letting go
  • let go
  • images of letting go
  • letting go of him
  • that nice feeling of letting go
  • if you knew me in my past
  • addicted narcissists blogs for women
  • covert narcissist supply
  • teen girl no empathy unaffectionate cold to mother
  • survivor letter of a narcissist
  • break addiction to narcissist
  • a letter from my future self as a survivor of narcissistic abuse
  • addicted to a narcissist
  • addicts codependents
  • how to break being addicted to psychological pain
  • the love affair quotes
  • khayil
  • when narcissists lose control
  • loving my dad blog
  • how to break free from a narcissist relationship
  • 1narcissistic mother and golden child
  • tips on getting narcissist to stop fighting
  • covert narcissist how to protect self
  • and so this post is for you. for those whose suffering feels unnoticed. for those people who feel quietly stuck inside …
  • mary elizabeth balderrama
  • nephila hateful comment
  • walking away from a perfect love
  • postar dr john hagee on god’s name during sex
  • withdrawal symptoms for love avoidance
  • women who shout god’s name during sex
  • porn fun cartoon
  • obscure love messages on facebook after breakup
  • affair withdrawal symptoms
  • affair partner withdrawal
  • bf n difference with husband images with quotes
  • falling in love is so easy but staying in love and grow in love….. demands a lot of sacrifices…….
  • Unknown Search Terms

12 thoughts on “Searching for what?

  1. Jarrod C says:

    This is an interesting concept to share. A lot of my search terms don’t even make sense. It amazes me that they hit to my blog. It makes me wonder if I posted something with terrible grammar.

    On the flip side, when I search for pictures to post on the blog, I have become dismayed that no matter what search engine term I utilize, a pornographic picture is going to show up. Is nothing sacred anymore?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrew says:

    At first I was amused by my list, but no it’s just tacky, where as yours is so much more useful, helping people lead more forefilled caring happy lives. 🙂


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