Is It Love?

I’ve been thinking a lot about love. What is love? Why do so many people allow themselves to be abused in the name of the almighty LOVE? I think many of us forget to love ourselves. But there are also those that only love themselves lol. I guess it’s all about finding a balance.

I do know that when we are guided by love, we do not behave in ways that cause feelings of shame for ourselves or others. Loving actions do not lead to secrecy or hiding. Rather, loving actions are those that we can share with the world without guilt or shame.

When we are loving, we are not sarcastic or shaming under the guise of joking. We don’t take pleasure in hurting those we love. And we certainly do not ridicule them to make ourselves feel better.

We are not passive. We take caring action for the good of ourselves and others. But we love ourselves enough to let go of what and whom no longer serves our journey. Letting go with love, kindness and forgiveness eventually leads to acceptance, peace and happiness.

We do not sit by and watch abuse, hoping someone else will attend to it. We stand up and fight abusers and bullies!

The feeling of love is not generated within our own body. Rather, it is a gift of Spirit that enters our heart when our heart is open to learning and loving — and learning about loving. For me meditating helps me feel this gift and for that I am grateful.

We cannot feel love in our heart when our heart is closed. We feel love when we open up to learning with our higher selves about what it truly means to love ourselves and others. And we learn the happiness n joy we seek was inside us all along.

My heart has finally healed. It was closed for a while, but now it is open n ready for a new journey. 2016 will be the year of love and lots of great sex!

35 thoughts on “Is It Love?

  1. blooming shadow says:

    Very thoughtful observations about a potentially bottomless subject. Glad you’re in a good place and I hope that your 2016 is even better than hoped for!

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