He almost fooled me again. But in the end, she was right. As sick and vulgar as it is, he IS her bitch and will probably never leave her. So now he deserves all the misery and unhappiness she will cause.

I will never let him anywhere near me again. I have wasted more than enough time, affection and tears on that selfish sick fool. He is dead to me and I don’t care what happens to him now.

After kicking her out of the bedroom, telling her he wants a separation and hiring an attorney, she said she doesn’t want that and she wouldn’t call the attorney/ mediator. Then she said she has a mental problem and will get help. Yeah right! Lol Just like she said she wanted to go to marriage counseling a year ago n went a few times. He went by himself all year to a really nice but completely clueless therapist whose advice made him more addicted to her and told him to do whatever makes her happy!!!! After 10 months, he finally diagnosed her as a narcissist but has no experience with narcissistic personality or abuse.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next. HE TOOK HER BACK! And after 3 1/2 years without sex with her and a year since me, he finally got to have sex with his narcissist. The pathetic part is he needed a viagra to do it lol. This was the final straw for me. The viagra shows he planned it and for me that’s completely unforgivable. He said he feels so bad, like a total slime. Yeah and?

He also told me he has this sick perverted fantasy of watching her and the other guy have sex!!!! Words cannot describe what a depraved, twisted sicko he has become. He said he knows it’s sick and obviously connected to the years of accepting her abuse. She’s definitely still having an affair. She screwed the guy in a hotel she paid for last week! All this dysfunction, perversion and toxic behavior has me needing another shower to wash the filth off.

When she stops being sweet and goes back to her cruel narcissistic self? He cannot contact me. I have blocked him everywhere. Cell, home, text, email, FB, Instagram, even Pinterest lol. I have no desire to ever see or speak to him again.

I finally realize that he has spent the last year kissing her ass, working out, getting tan, and turning himself into the perfect partner for a narcissist. And she ridiculed him for trying to please her. He is now as fake, superficial and morally bankrupt as is the lying, shoplifting, empty hole he sleeps with.

At least the pathetic n neverending saga of P and I is finally over.

38 thoughts on “Sick

  1. XandrewX says:

    Do you know what Emma, this reads as an awful ‘car crash?’ episode in your life, BUT also very positive by the end…… by that I mean honey you can now move on, you’re a lovely woman and in my humble opinion deserve much better.

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