How your emotions try to tell you that you’re abused!

If this is happening to you, please get help.



If you are abused, there are probably signs all over you, telling you about the emotional abuse you are/were experiencing. But maybe you are in denial, or simply too tired, to hear it. That’s why LifeInAshes compiled a little list for you! These can be signs that you are in fact emotionally abused, and not “only having a down period in your relationship”. (For signs in your partner that they’re a narcissist, see previous posts).

1)You find it increasingly hard to trust your own judgement.(Cause of gaslighting and other manipulations). When your partner insists something is/isn’t a certain way, you doubt if you are right, or if he is. This can also affect your every day choices, you become less decisive than before.


2)You are, most days, weighed down by an incredible heaviness, or sadness.You find yourself feeling low/depressed, without any apparent cause. You suspect it’s…

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