Wednesday Wisdom

what you deserve

Never chase love

Why was I always so 100% sure we were meant to be together?  I mean like more sure than I have ever been about anything in my whole life sure.  Now I’m a bit scared and freaked out that I could have been so completely wrong about someone.  I do know I should have cut off all contact last November when we broke up.  He has never once chosen me (he says he did in June before his son threatened suicide when they announced they were separating and he got sucked back in but that’s crap).  He is actually waiting for the narcissist to tell him she doesn’t love him so he can leave!!  Yeah, he’s gonna be waiting a LONG LONG time lol. Some people are just more comfortable being treated like crap and he is one of them.

Most women, myself included, need to know they are #1 in the heart of the man they love to feel happy and secure in the relationship.  After choosing to stay with her over and over and over, he could never possibly hope to make me ever believe that.  And I am too good a woman to ever come second to a lying, manipulative,  shoplifting, crazy narcissistic piece of trash like her.  He’s a blind fool and I am finally starting to believe they truly do deserve one another lol.

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Angry Blonde says:

    Now I’m a bit scared and freaked out that I could have been so completely wrong about someone. – I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard to trust your own judgement after leaving yourself so exposed to somebody who was completely not the person you thought…

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  2. sonofabeach96 says:

    Not sure why. They say love is blind, and I suspect you were in “the fog” for a bit. Glad you’re realizing its not what it seemed though. Regardless of what happens with your H and you, the scene with P seemed toxic.

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  3. theasdgamer says:

    There’s a paradox in women. They only really love men whom they have to chase. And men whom they have to chase will never commit. Barring a unicorn. But unicorns only commit to other unicorns, so that horn that you’re sporting better not be papier-mâché.

    Most women opt to settle for a man whom they would never chase but who will commit.

    If you want a hot guy who will commit, you had better be prime relationship material yourself.

    Feminine. Sweet. Loyal. Able to mateguard yourself. Keeping yourself trim and attractive. You need to have friends like this as well.

    The Red Pill…hard to swallow, but it dispels illusions

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  4. acquiescent72 says:

    If you’re not the most important thing in someone’s life, then you can’t convince them you deserve to be loved. It’s best to look for someone willing to give it without being asked for it.

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  5. Megan says:


    He’s choosing to stay stuck and so deserves his misery. As you rightly say, they deserve each other.

    It’s time for you to cut yourself loose and go where the love is my dear friend! ❤ x

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