You Deserve

This is brilliant! Really helps me to move on. Hubby is definitely putting in an effort but still no intimacy. While he is 10 times the man Putz could ever hope to be, he’s still not doing everything in his power to keep me in his life. Putz didn’t do anything to keep me in his life, so he can kiss off lol.
We have had a really good time together lately and that gives me hope. Still going where the love and great sex is in 2016!!  

Source: You Deserve

“Don’t settle for someone who wants to be around you one minute but, is always pushing you away the next.When someone wants to be with you, it will show in everything that they do. They will fall in love with putting a smile on your face. They will fall in love with creating memories with you, instead of creating problems. They will have this understanding that, someone like you does not come around often, and they will do everything in their power to keep you in their life. It really is simple. If they love you they will put in the effort.”

9 thoughts on “You Deserve

    • emmagc75 says:

      Yes, I think it’s like that for most of us. Good days and bad. No Putz never cheated on me or lied, except to himself. He did definitely break my heart and manipulate me. As much as I vent about the delusional abused fool and he is definitely sick, he is also a decent and kind man who loves his kids more than anything. When we were together he was amazingly good to me. He’s just not my man and he’s become toxic for me. We both deserve so much better than Putz n Scott lol. Hugs

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