58 thoughts on “Really? 75 Hits an Hour?

  1. XandrewX says:

    Emma do you still have your female hater? Why is it only ladies have haters on WordPress? Ten months and still no one has had a go at me, then again perhaps I should remember what my Granny said ‘don’t wish to hard or you might get……..’

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  2. learning to live like water says:

    This happened to me a few weeks ago, over 100 views and 8 visitors, but I was pretty sure it was Betty, I had included a link to the blog in my letter to her…she probably read 50 or 60 of the blogs. It was the Friday after she got my letter. She gave me my best day ever, lol, because it continued into Saturday. Still, I love getting those notices! Very exciting. I guess someone in the Philippines likes your writing!

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      • learning to live like water says:

        Well he always said she didn’t talk much. And most likely the blog answered a lot of her questions. Enough that she was able to make a decision and stick with it I think. But I would have contacted me too, if I were there. If for no other reason than to say thanks for telling me. Whatever. I didn’t do it ditched gratitude. I just wanted her to know who he was because she was being played so badly. Maybe it’s just too early for her. She’s only known about any of it for 10 days. I’m sure he’s still reading them. He wants to know I’m sure, if he’s still in my mind.

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  3. XandrewX says:

    Lol bleary eyed (I slept in!), half asleep I scrolled through my reader and err ‘Emma’ and ‘boobs’ jumped out the screen! I LOVE boobs! easily excited me lol, anyways congratulations Emma 🙂 I’m probably more taken with statistics, bit sad, than most and knowing people read is always a thrill.

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