7 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday


See? There’s so MANY reasons why sex is important! Medically, psychologically, etc there are just so many reasons to JUST DO IT! I’m not saying it’s the most important part of a good marriage. But it is important to me. I miss it and crave it.

I am talking to H this weekend because I don’t know if I need a pass or something but I just cannot continue to live in sexual purgatory. I can’t force him to have sex but he’s forcing me into involuntary celibacy? How is that acceptable? It isn’t.

22 thoughts on “7 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

  1. blooming shadow says:

    I hope your talk goes better than (I think) you expect it to. Interesting website, by the way. I looked at a few articles on the site and was shocked to read that it’s estimated one out of three married couples has sex 10 times or less a year?! Can that be true?! Egads 😁

    (Note – For some reason (maybe user error on my part,lol!) your link took me to the website but not the specific article. This is the article link I found. https://mydeadbedroom.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/7-very-good-reasons-why-you-should-have-sex-everyday/)

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    • emmagc75 says:

      Thanks bloom! I told him all I needed to and whatever happens now, I will not feel guilty. I know it seems the numbers are really shocking! Thanks, I relinked the article so hope it works now. Hugs!


  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    Every Friday? That is not enough! Not saying you should change your habits, but if I were in a relationship and it was only every Friday…well…I wouldn’t be.

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