Ways to Stop Missing our Abuser

Here’s another repost. Cleaning out my closet today. I’m not really sure what I’m going to find lol. Have a great day!

So very true! Sadly, this keeps many people stuck miserable for years.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

It is hard to let go of the idealized image we had of the abuser. Letting go of the perfect partner we once believed we had, is a process, not a single act of will.

The narcissist or psychopath that seduced you into their lair, got into your mind in a way that normal people never do.

The narcissist is especially gifted at getting into your head and learning many things about you. They learn what your ideal is of the perfect partner.

They are able to transform themselves, cleverly and accurately, into the partner of your deepest dreams. They play their role of this perfect partner until they have you devoted to them.

They create a constant connection with you, that makes you feel like you are an important, desired, part of their lives.

They get your happy chemicals flowing, like dopamine.

The constant contact creates an increased need…

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18 thoughts on “Ways to Stop Missing our Abuser

  1. charlypriest says:

    I promise I knew a girl like that, not kidding. And in what mess she got me in. And is very true, they know you inside out and sideways and know very but very good how to take advantage of you in a very but very bad way, and you might even then feel like you have to thank them. I had to get out of there, haven´t been with another girl such crazy.
    Although you all are crazy, to verying degrees but all you girls are nuts ! 😉
    But I still love ya

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