Finding Happiness

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I’ve been thinking about Happiness. That’s how I know I’m feeling much better. When I can be my usually positive, happy-go-lucky self. It always surprises people when they find out I have clinical depression.  They say but you’re always laughing and smiling. And to that I say thank God for modern medicine and antidepressants!  I had always been pretty darn happy until I got sick. And I have learned to not focus on the fact that I have a chronic illness and just be so grateful that medicine exists to help.  Funny how it’s so much easier to focus on the positive when you’re NOT depressed or bawling your eyes out for absolutely no reason LOL.

I don’t think you can find happiness by chasing it. I think it comes naturally when you learn to enjoy your life and when you’re able to be grateful for all the little things that we usually take for granted. And laughing helps tremendously!  Try to surround yourself with people you enjoy and that make you laugh.

This is a great post by rosieeek over at

Finding Happiness After Losing It

Sometimes, we just get lost. One incident can send you into a downward spiral, a hole you just can’t climb out of.

It can be caused by the death of someone close. Or the death of a stranger. It can be caused by a change of pace, something differing in your life. Bad grades. Bad friends. A broken heart.

And you never really anticipated just how much it would hurt and just how much it would impact your life. You thought you were strong and even if you didn’t, you thought you could at least get through some things on your own. 

To read the rest of the article go to Finding Happiness After Losing It

17 thoughts on “Finding Happiness

  1. New Journey says:

    I have found that life is better when I look for the best in people and not be negative…sometimes its really, really, hard to do…but a positive attitude is so much easier to present to people than being a bitch…good post…..k

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