Frigid Friday

Oops I meant to post this on Friday but got very busy. We actually got 2 feet of snow here on Long Island!! We’re digging our way out now. My niece’s party was small but so much fun. We all stayed laughing and talking until midnight lol. Love my kooky but amazing family.

It was so cold this morning, I actually used my H’s tummy as a heater lol.  I think he’s part bear because he was just so warm! He yelped when I put my cold hands on him, but then he hugged me close to him and we cuddled for a while before I had to get up and get in the shower for work.

We’re getting a snowstorm this weekend, with totals of up to a foot of snow. I think it will probably be more like 5-7 inches, which isn’t too bad. But of course everyone is going nuts here! Home Depot and the grocery stores are mobbed and people are acting like it’s the apocalypse lol. You know it’s a blizzard forecast if I can actually get my H to go food shopping!! Gotta get the bread and milk!!

My niece’s 9th birthday is tomorrow but her party has been moved to today in anticipation of the blizzard forecasted.  Her kids party isn’t until next week, thankfully. So it will mostly be family and friends and I am actually looking forward to it. My H will be working, but it was a last minute decision, so not a big deal.

Stay warm everyone and have a wonderful weekend:)

25 thoughts on “Frigid Friday

  1. Jarrod C says:

    I wish people would realize it isn’t 1880 anymore where if the snow covers the pass we can’t get to town for weeks. And why are you buying items that need to be refrigerated if you expect the power to go out?

    I heard a bit by a comedian whose name I cannot remember. He said I know all you guys eat is pizza and Cheetos but now you want to eat healthy? Why don’t you buy the shit you normally buy?

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  2. bipolarsojourner says:

    that’s snowpocalypse isn’t it?

    one time we got a foot of wet snow. i shoveled the driveway so to be able to make it to church on time. we loaded into my trusty all wheel drive and headed up the driveway. we headed up the driveway only to be stopped cold when we hit the street.

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