Tuesday Truths






I think these say it all. I have had years of incredible grief, loss, heartache and pain. But those hardships DO NOT DEFINE ME. They have made me a better, stronger, kinder and more loving person. I know what matters in life and what doesn't. And every day I am learning WHO matters and WHO doesn't. Not because of anything but their own choices.  I am happy and I am going where the love is!

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths

  1. XandrewX says:

    🙂 yes they say it all and you do always find thought provoking quotes Emma, especially the first. Good few years ago I worked in a smallish Toolroom with seven other men and one thing you’d need to know is a Group of adult men who may have little socially in common can be and are thrown together in a small work environment and 9 hours a day! Consequently there can be friction arguments disagreements I’ve witnessed them go on for years! Well your Post reminded me of a now retired Head of Workshops who was ALWAYS happy, always laughing cracking jokes importantly making us all laugh, he was a family man therefore skilled at calming ‘the little children down’ if disagreements occurred and yes being around happy people improves ones life, in fact he was an all round pleasant happy human being, never shit stirred never back stabbed…………. just wanted to say you brought a memory back. Have a good week end Andrew.

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