Love This Guy

I wrote this post while watching Joel Osteen. He is such a phenomenal motivational speaker. Even if you’re not Christian, there is still so much to get from his inspirational half hour shows.

I’m someone that has always been extremely cynical of televangelists that make tons of money from old ladies donations. So before I ever listened to him, I judged and wrote him off as another Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart.

But it’s obvious there is something inherently good and right about Joel. He sells books, dvds, etc. Unlike the fake sheisters of the past, he actually gives you something for your money.

He’s funny and real. He’s had struggles in life and has worked extremely hard to achieve his success. I’m sure there’s tons of people that dislike him or what he has to say. I just like his positive and motivational messages. If they get me off the couch, thinking positive and feeling good, I’m happy!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and going where the love is!!

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