One Man’s Search


This was a search term on my blog the other day.

Sex with female narcissist, she ridiculed.

My first thought was Wow! Maybe Putz has been searching google again lol. I know it’s happened to him more than a few times. Then I just felt bad for the person searching this.

I know now there are people willing to put up with this kind of abuse for years. Nobody should ever ridicule someone they love. If you choose to stay with a narcissist, female or male, you will be mentally and emotionally abused. That is an absolute certainty.

Narcissists never change except when they act like they have to suck you back in. They are amazingly talented and charismatic actors. Also you are their main supplier of what they need to survive. Attention, adoration, and love gives them narcissistic supply.

They are incapable of real love or empathy, as you have surely witnessed by now. But they will fake it to keep you around. Just like they will put detergent in the washer to make it work, you are just another appliance to them. The best thing to do is let them think they’ve won and get far away from them ASAP. Don’t waste your life on these emotional vampires. They’re not worth losing anymore weeks, months or years with. Please get help from a therapist experienced with narcissistic abuse. Otherwise you’re just wasting time or worse will end up even more addicted to your narcissist spouse/significant other!

Free yourself from the trauma bond with the narcissist. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

19 thoughts on “One Man’s Search

  1. survivednarc says:

    True words in your blog post. Great that you are spreading awareness! If more and more people stay away from narcissists, that could actually be good. Well, naturally, it would be good for the partners/victims, to not hace to suffer through a narc relationship… but, it could also be good for narcissists if it became extremely hard for them to find “supply”. Cause, over time, and with evolution, etc, then maybe narcissists would almost cease to exist.. (cause they could not survive on almost nil supply, so they had to go to therapy, for centuries… lol 🙂 It is a funny thought anyways… )

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  2. Deanne says:

    I was thinking about that recently… Narcissists can’t survive if you stop being the victims by tolerating their abuse. Sometimes we empathize and make excuses for them. I used to…

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    • emmagc75 says:

      Yes and unfortunately our empathy and willingness to forgive is one of their greatest weapons that they use against us. It’s kept my ex with his narc for 20 years, always believing she can change. But that’s his choice to waste his life, nobody else’s. I’m just glad to be rid of the dysfunction.

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