Make a wish

A beautiful post about an amazing woman by my devilish angel friend Son! Melanie you have been missed and we’re here for you. Love n healing to u!


imageI believe this.  I believe in the power of positive thinking, that our minds are capable of altering our realities, now and in the future.

I wonder though, can my positive thoughts and good vibes be transferred onto others?  Meaning, if I think good thoughts on someone else’s behalf, can that positivity be transferred to them?  If I wish for good for another, can that possibly have an impact,  helping good things to come their way?  I’m not claiming I’m some preacher laying my hands on the stricken and miraculously, they’re  healed.  I’m pondering the transference of energy, positive energy, and those thoughts, hopes, and wishes leading to positive results for someone else.

I suppose this is what some would refer to as praying, and that seems similar, on a cosmic kinda level.  But that’s asking for help from an invisible being, and steeped in ones personal level of faith…

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10 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. bipolarsojourner says:

    i mostly agree with this. depression can be an exception and can be like a black hole sucking away positive energy and the bigger the depression, the bigger the suck. somehow the black hole needs to explode or implode to have a chance to escape.

    btw, an apology: i have been a poop to you the last two times you have inquired about well being. though not an excuse, depression and its cousin isolation are an explanation.

    knowing you, i don’t have to asked, but please forgive me. know that i am doing better and not every bit of positivity gets sucked into the depressive black a matter fact, there have been times recently where i have felt i have been as far away from my black hole as i have ever been in the last four (ugh) years.


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