Make a wish

A beautiful post about an amazing woman by my devilish angel friend Son! Melanie you have been missed and we’re here for you. Love n healing to u!

10 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. bipolarsojourner says:

    i mostly agree with this. depression can be an exception and can be like a black hole sucking away positive energy and the bigger the depression, the bigger the suck. somehow the black hole needs to explode or implode to have a chance to escape.

    btw, an apology: i have been a poop to you the last two times you have inquired about well being. though not an excuse, depression and its cousin isolation are an explanation.

    knowing you, i don’t have to asked, but please forgive me. know that i am doing better and not every bit of positivity gets sucked into the depressive black a matter fact, there have been times recently where i have felt i have been as far away from my black hole as i have ever been in the last four (ugh) years.


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