Mad Crazy Monday


I was notified by Facebook this afternoon  that there was a profile that was very similar to mine. They asked if it was fake and so I looked at the profile. I was shocked!  It’s my name (minus the middle initial that I use for my maiden name) with MY FRIGGIN PHOTO!!!  The background photo is this very pretty shot of me in sunglasses LOL.  So someone made a fake profile using MY NAME and 2 PHOTOS OF ME!!!! I guess it’s a guy because it says that I can friend HIM to see what he shares with HIS friends.

I am soooo creeped out right now, I can’t even say.  My instagram was hacked about a month ago and while strange, I didn’t feel violated or too upset. This is completely different. Someone is pretending to BE ME!!!  When did I become a Kardashian!?!?!?! Who  the heck would want to impersonate me?? Luckily the account was only created 14 hours ago but now I have to wait for Facebook to check it out and see if the account violates any terms of service.  Um, I would think impersonating someone else using their name and photos violates, wouldn’t you??? LOL

Of course, 2 of my friends right away thought it had something to do with P. But honestly, he would have no reason to do something like that. I’m just pissed off n baffled. I’m going to go meditate lol. 




46 thoughts on “Mad Crazy Monday

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    That so sucks for you! Hearing stories like this reinforces my decision to have little to no social media presence. Hope everything works out for you!

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  2. sonofabeach96 says:

    My first thought wasn’t him but his wife. Would she pull something like this? It’s all too weird. I don’t understand why ANYONE would do shit like this. If you figure anything out, let us know. I’d be curious as to wtf they’re reasoning may be. 😃

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  3. HeavyCloud says:

    It’s a quite common kind of fraud. The guy usually creates a copy account, then he gets in contact with your friends pretending he’s you and asks them to (example) call a certain service phone number to have the mobile phone unlocked. The phone number your friends would call is a toll call and money goes to the guy. Have the fake account closed asap and change your own account friends list visibility from everyone to friends of friends. Good luck, HC

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