Fake Me Is Gone



Finally after 2 days, Facebook has removed the fake profile of me. I’m very relieved and glad. It was a bad experience that I hope never to repeat.

This is what they said:
“Thanks for bringing this profile to our attention. We’ve removed it from Facebook. We’re sorry this happened to you, and we’re working to make sure that everyone follows the Facebook Community Standards.”

I’m also glad I didn’t contact P to tell him because it wouldn’t have accomplished anything. He is the past and that’s where he needs to remain.

Thank you so much for all your words of support and for sharing my outrage n frustration. I know in the grand scheme of things it means very little but it is extremely unsettling n upsetting to have your identity stolen. Especially when you can actually view it up close on social media.

I still don’t know who was responsible or why and I probably never will. My husband is keeping an eye on our credit report just in case.

It’s been a rough week. A dear family friend who is also the Mom of one of my best friends had a sudden stroke and passed away a few days ago.  She beat breast cancer 2 years ago and was actually on a cruise with her other daughter and family.  A very lovely, thoughtful woman who used to call me on my birthday after my Mom died. Tomorrow’s the wake and Friday the funeral. Her husband of 45 years is afraid of boats, so he stayed home with my friend and her family.

I spent a few hours with them all on Monday then took my friend’s kids out for a bit so she could have some time to herself. The little one is 3 1/2 n did not want to put her shoes n socks on, yelling n trying to get away. Then I told her we were going to look at puppies n damn if she didn’t help us put them on her feet, smiling n giggling the whole time lol!! I figured it’s impossible to stay sad around puppies right? They had fun n so did I.

21 thoughts on “Fake Me Is Gone

  1. thehumanhurricane says:

    Testing times.. Hang in there with all that beautiful tenacity and dogged determination you have and also the wit and humour that is so uniquely and wonderfully yours. Big hug xxx

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