Maybe It’s Physical?

I have to be honest that I cannot remember being more attracted to a guy than I was to P.  The first time we went out to dinner, I was so nervous and shy that I could barely look at him for about 10 minutes.  I am NEVER shy and rarely nervous.  I even held the menu up to my face because I couldn’t stop smiling n blushing.  Luckily, he found my shyness adorable and kind of hot lol. He had met me before and spoken to me on the phone a bunch of times.  He knew it was completely unlike me and said he was nervous and shy too.

He is a gorgeous guy but he basically has no clue because he’s spent the last 20 years with a frigid narcissist that made him feel like he was never good enough.  Women used to go crazy over him when we were together, and he was usually too busy staring at me, kissing me, holding my hand or hugging me to notice. It used to make me feel so special.

Many people, women and men, have told me he looks a LOT like an actor, Bobby Cannavale.  He actually really does look like him, except his eyebrows aren’t as bushy lol. So here’s a few pictures of that actor.

Bobby Canavale



The last time we spoke I said to him maybe it was just a physical thing.  He said no way because even though he thinks I am gorgeous and sexy, he loves my mind as much as he does my looks and body.  He said that I make him laugh like no one else ever has, and I’m the only woman he’s ever been able to be completely be himself with, including so so.

But I was talking more about me. Maybe I am just extremely attracted to him. Who knows?