Listen up Nephila the Bully!!!!

Enough is enough! Stop your hate! Get over what YOUR HUSBAND and some woman did to you already! 

Don’t you realize how pathetic even your “friends” on here think you are??? U are not a crusader, you are not joan of arc! U are just a sad sack of a woman wasting her time spreading nastiness and misery like an Elf from Hell!

DIAL BACK YOUR CRAZY LADY! I have had quite enough of your judgements and your sick, twisted delusional bullshit. YOU ARE A BULLY, A COWARD AND NOBODY LIKES YOU because of your vile, negative ways. You judge me? Whatever made you think you have the right to judge me? LOL That is absurd.  You need professional help!

You need to worry more about yourself, healing and love in your marriage. Worry about your cheating husband (although if this is how u act it is NO WONDER) and keeping him home k? And stop abusing strangers with your holier than thou crap.

If you cannot see that I am a good, kind loving person who cares and goes out of her way for others, you are just blinded by your hate and vengeance. 

You are an ugly, cruel creature and I really do pity you. I will pray for you.


Crazy Bitter People

Okay so I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months and am still figuring this whole thing out.

I have met so many supportive, kind and truly loving people. You have helped me through an extremely painful time in my life. You have allowed me to see life in a new way and made me laugh through my tears. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to so many fellow bloggers.

And I guess I should’ve been better prepared for the bitter haters given some of the subject matter of my blog.

But what kind of person follows blogs with the sole purpose of making nasty, hateful comments while keeping theirs private? A bitter, angry, pathetic coward.

You do not know me, my story or my heart. I am NOT to blame for your pain or lot in life. So don’t you dare try to shame me or characterize me. You are weak and sad and I hope you find peace. But this is not the way. Shame on you!

Grow up, be a real woman and stop blaming others for your anger and unhappiness. Make yourself better instead of trying to make others feel worse.

I have been through more in my life than you could possibly imagine and I have NEVER resorted to hurting others to make myself feel somehow less crappy.

Go shovel your crazy somewhere else lady, we’re all full up here thanks 🙂