Adventures on Instagram

I have had an Instagram account for a few years, with maybe 5 posts until last year.  Now I have a whopping 22 posts.  Probably about 6 selfies, 10 pictures of family and the rest quotes or funny stuff. I think of it as more for a younger demographic. The selfie generation lol.

I remember the last time I posted a new picture and the next day a bunch of MALE models requested to follow me lol!  Now I am 40 years old and no one would ever confuse me for Selena Gomez.  All I have to say is it was very funny and flattering. And 2 of them are actually really good guys.

All I had to do was look at this pic and I was like “P who!?!?” LOL

Fast forward to today. Someone hacked my account!!!

It was still my screenname under a pic of this young pretty brunette with lots of cleavage. Then it said my boyfriend cheated on me n I want to get back at him!! Lol

I was in such shock I deleted it before taking a screenshot of it. Duhhh!!! I changed my password and made it stronger but still really bizarre. No big deal but it was kind of funny. I’m just lucky I happened to look at it before I started getting any offers I guess lol.