One Way Ticket to Crazy Town!

I honestly feel so happy and content today. It’s nice not to feel that crazy need to contact. I don’t know how long this wonderful feeling will last but I’m grateful to feel good. I like having a life with little to no drama. I am most definitely not one of those women who seem to be followed around by drama.

When I first started blogging here, I became very close with a fellow blogger who had also been in a somewhat similar situation and heartbreak as the one I was currently trying to navigate my way through. Unlike P, he dumped her AFTER his divorce mediation was DONE!!! Just wrote her a letter and cleared all his stuff out of her house while she was at work. Went back to wife VOLUNTARILY and told her he had been having a 2 year affair!! Then cut off all contact with her. She KEPT contacting him, went to his work, went to the coffee shop that he always went to. As far as I am concerned, she stalked the guy and now she has the nerve to pretend that HE PURSUED HER?!? She feels somewhat responsible??? He said he wanted to work on his marriage and then she hounded him.

Now you may ask why this particular story freaked me out SOOO much. It affected me deeply because I was really afraid I would jump off that cliff and act as shameful and pathetically weak as she did too. I mean it REALLY scared me how she seemed so sane and then POOF crazy town. I told her she was screwed up and I said I couldn’t respect the choices she had made anymore, but I respected her right to make them. The sad part is she is not at all the mature, I have it together, I will just take a backseat and see, success story she pretends to be. Picture her attached to his leg begging and pleading, as he’s desperately trying to walk away. Unfortunately, that’s much closer to the truth.

He asked her to give him time to work on his marriage, just like P asked me. The difference is that he DID NOT want to see her. She sought him out at work, she went to the coffee shop he frequents, etc and so forth!! Then she has the sheer AUDACITY to talk about his estranged wife stalking her?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me, he was the gazelle and she was the friggin lioness! I have just truly had enough of people who were lucky enough not to know the extremely ugly truth buying this crap any longer.

That’s when I had to separate myself. I figured she seemed pretty sane before this, maybe a little full of herself and deluded but nice. I didn’t want to end up jumping off the cliff. It scared the crap out of me. Yes she has him. But at what price??? And she got an abortion for him, but somehow now they act like the baby died of natural causes!!! It’s batshit crazy. I can’t even deal with it. That’s why this is the first time I am posting what really happened, THE TRUTH . I have a bullshit threshold limit and by actually trying to paint HERSELF as the victim in this very sad situation, she has crossed it.

She is delusional and more screwed up in the head than this man’s poor wife could ever be. Quite frankly, I think this woman has shown remarkable restraint. I might not like and respect so so, but the only victims in our soap opera was their kids. I own my mistakes, for better or worse, and do not want to repeat them. Having an affair was selfish and wrong. But at the end of the day, at least I still have my dignity.