Men and Women As Friends

Can men and women actually just be friends? Or will sex and attraction always get in the way?

I just found out last night that I wasn’t invited to my close guy friend C’s wedding! He told me about it 2 years ago and asked me to save the date. And why was I not invited? Because while I have always thought of him as a little brother, he thinks I’m hot n obviously she’s insecure. But he doesn’t have a lot of friends or family and we’ve been close for about 7 years. I treated him and his Mom like family.

I knew he was attracted to me but I’ve known him for so long and it’s never been a problem. I’ve always been married and he totally respected that. My Dad n I met him n his Mom thru a bereavement group n all became friends. C n I were really close. My husband doesn’t like him that much but he has never said don’t b friends!

The worst part is that he didn’t even have the courage to call me and let me know. Just invited my Dad and his girlfriend! Are you friggin kidding me? I texted him and he ignored me. Then he texted the next day and apologized. Said they have been battling for months over me!?! I had no idea and I still don’t get it. There was never ever anything between us except friendship. She must be extremely jealous and really insecure to not want me invited. It’s just so crazy and I’m hurt. I’ve only met her a few times but I was always very kind to her. She had gastric bypass surgery because she was really heavy. She’s about half the size she used to be and I thought that was awesome. I just don’t get some women. I am not a waifish supermodel! WTF?!?

Well that friendship is flushed down the tubes. If he had just told me how she felt, I would’ve been hurt but it’s her day and I would never want to upset anyone’s wedding day, no matter how silly it is. But then to invite my Dad?!? My Dad had no idea I wasn’t invited when he agreed to go. I’m just over it. I actually used to invite them places cause he doesn’t have many friends and I felt bad.

And I never said anything about the fact that he dated 2 other women at the same time he was dating her! They deserve each other lol!