Sick of this Troll

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I didn’t suffer enough? Thanks! Is that from the bible? Book according to trolls? Lol Sitting in judgement of others, stalking and harassing them keeps you much busier than your friends know doesn’t it? U r the worst type of bully and the most pathetic kind of coward. Keeping ur blog private while harassing others who have the courage to be honest about themselves and their lives? Good n bad. U need serious help, week after week sending me disgusting, hateful messages? Anyone that lashes out at strangers and then hides from the repercussions deserves only pity. I know u enjoy verbally sparring and usually I do not choose to engage you. But you just never stop hating.

Don’t you get tired of pissing in the wind over and over and over again??  It’s to the point where it’s become boring.  Do you EVER run out of hate? You must get tired of your own self-righteous holier than thou bullshit?  I mean, c’mon let’s be honest. It’s pretty obvious you passed the batshit crazy exit a few rest stops back Nephila.  You are aware of this right?  Spend time with your kids or your husband.  Maybe if you stopped being such a complete psycho, you would be a happier person.  Anyone that considers you a good or decent person obviously hasn’t read any of your love letters.  You are sick and you really do need help.   Please do me a favor and do not ever bother coming back here again. Since you now bore me, your putrid letters get deleted without ever being seen.

Now you are just a sad and pathetic shell of a woman.  You have absolutely no right to judge me and you never will.

Matthew 7:1-3: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

This is from Wayne Stiles:

“Jesus wasn’t confused in his teaching. He didn’t mean we should never make a judgment about right and wrong. He meant we shouldn’t do it hypocritically.

Seeing someone else’s faults should make us examine our own lives. We know no one is perfect, but we expect it anyway. Except in ourselves. We often excuse our own sin because we claim God’s grace. But then we turn around and demand others be perfect—a standard we ourselves don’t meet. This is precisely what Jesus was warning against.

The grace we freely claim for ourselves we should also extend to others.
The fact is, we never know all the facts.

How do we know the idiot driver didn’t just lose his spouse last week?
How do we know the rude saleswoman didn’t just discover she has cancer?
How do we know the Christian who cussed didn’t just accept Jesus and has no clue how to walk with God?
Wouldn’t it be better to tap the brakes on our judgment—especially when we don’t know all the facts? Before we call into question someone else’s walk with God, we should scrutinize our own.”

Now I know I am not perfect or anywhere near that.  But I am a good, kind and loving person who treats others as I would like to be treated. I have made mistakes but you are a pathetic excuse for a woman. Frankly, I am sick to death of your constant and undeserved harassment.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that you just keep commenting.  I stopped reading them a LONG time ago, so it’s a complete waste of your time.  

You have chosen the WORST example of an abusive, narcissistic, selfish wife and mother and made her the archangel of your cause.  I’m sorry but she’s not a good Mother or Wife.  Just one example?  You know how most parents, including P, have their kids schools decal stickers on the back of their cars (now they use magnets)? Especially if it’s a prestigious school? She has a Spartan Race competition decal.  Cause that’s most important to her.  Not her kids, her husband or her family. She blew off parent/teacher night to go to the gym!!! No woman deserves to be cheated on. But you picked the wrong horse lol! Get over it and let it go already u sick demented troll. Nothing u say matters.

If you took all the time you spent harassing me with these letters, week after week, month after month, you could volunteer a few hours a month at a local charity.  I used to do it through out church and it helped me stay grounded after my Mom died.  I actually have to get back into doing that so thanks for reminding me what matters. Just stop trolling and get a friggin life lady!  It’s time.