I’m Back

I actually decided to stay an extra day down in Florida.  Instead of flying home Saturday night, I came home late Sunday night.  Of course my flight got delayed and I got home about 1 am and then was up at 6 am for school on Monday.  Crazy I know, but I just wanted one more day to relax and lay by the pool. I also wanted to go see my Aunt and Uncle one last time before I left.  They are getting older and my Aunt is in a Physical Rehab facility because she has trouble walking without assistance.

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was on this beach:

beaches_florida barefoot beach

Naples is a beautiful part of Florida that I had never really spent much time in before.  It’s really gorgeous.  There is a lot of old money and old people LOL. Right off the beach road (5 minute drive from the condo) are all these spectacular mansions that are really fun to look at and take pictures of but I could not even imagine being wealthy enough to own one.

This one was a particular favorite of mine:

Barefoot beach house

It was a really relaxing and enjoyable vacation.  We found a bunch of great thrift shops, did some shopping, went out to eat in a bunch of great restaurants, walked the beach, and drank pina coladas by the pool. My cousin and I went out to karaoke two nights (it’s huge in Florida) and had a ball!

I see now how much I really needed a break and realize how important it is to make the time to take more vacations.  It recharges your batteries and reminds you of all the beauty there is in the world.  I did miss my hubby very much and am glad to be home.  Next time, he is definitely coming with me 😉

Happy Days


The view from the back deck of the lake house.

Today is a good day.  I am feeling happy and grateful for all that I have.  I have been reading a lot about gratitude and joy. With any type of mental illness (in my case depression) it’s definitely easy to forget sometimes how lucky I truly am.  I have a wonderful family and a great group of friends.  Instead of focusing on what I don’t have or what’s missing, I am instead choosing to embrace the people who love me and want to be in my life.  They are each one a blessing and I am making a point of sharing this with them.

I am trying to be kinder and gentler in my approach of people.  I tend to be very direct and good or bad, you will always know where you stand with me.  I am getting in touch with my inner self and I think this will be a positive thing. I’m learning it is better to be kind than it is to be right.  I’m also a smartass but this I cannot change lol.

Thankfully, my Hubby and those closest to me know that under my tough exterior lies a huge, passionate and sensitive heart.  I am caring, compassionate and loyal to a fault (yes I am aware of the irony of this, thanks).  To be loved and accepted for who you are is a gift that I treasure.

The sun is shining and tonight I have a reception to attend with my husband.  Believe me, it totally sounds much swankier than it is lol.  But the booze is free, the food is great and last year I won 3 raffle prizes 🙂

I’m going to my friend’s beach club cabana tomorrow.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  In 2 weeks I have a week vacation and we will be spending it at my parent’s lake cottage.  It is so peaceful, beautiful and relaxing there.  I have so many wonderful memories there, especially of my Mom.  She designed the house and I can strongly feel her presence whenever I am there.

From Lessons In Life:

Find someone that isn’t afraid to admit they miss you. Someone that knows you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are. Someone who couldn’t imagine losing you. Someone who gives their heart to you completely. Someone who says I love you and proves it. Last but not least, find someone who wouldn’t mind waking up to you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles and grey hair but still falls in love with you all over again.