Change of Plans

florida beach

I was supposed to be leaving on a big old jet plane this Friday, heading down to sunny Florida.  But I was going to be staying at my Dad’s condo he rented for a few months. Since he is stuck up here in NY recuperating from surgery, he asked if I can come down in April or May instead. When I actually thought about it, I realized I honestly wasn’t that keen on going on vacation by myself anyway. I could definitely get into a whole lot of trouble left on my own for that long, that’s for sure. My H took over 3 weeks off from work when his Mom suddenly got sick and then passed away in October so he wasn’t able to come now anyway. He won’t have any time built up for a few months.

I was planning on spending most of my time at the beach or pool, getting some sun and hanging out with my cousin (she’s probably one of the only people I know down there under the age of 60 lol). And while I am a little bummed to not be in the nicer weather, it was beginning to feel kind of strange to be going by myself. I’ve flown by myself before, so that wasn’t a problem for me. I was about 22 and ended up meeting a professional tennis player on the flight down who took me out to dinner while I was away lol.

I bought insurance which it turns out isn’t so simple to actually claim. I have to provide medical documentation and submit a claim form if I want to get a refund. They make is seem so easy when you’re paying the extra $60 lol. But I can get the documentation from my Dad’s doctor and my Dad offered to pay any out of pocket expenses to change my flight. And I will go down in April when I have a week off then. Gotta love school schedule lol.

Last night my husband came into our bedroom and he was so cute. He said since you’re staying home next week and I have off on President’s Day, do you want to take a shorter trip and maybe go to Atlantic City? I said sure, that sounded like a great idea.  Who knows? Maybe a change of scenery will spark something romantic.