The Biggest Loser

Well it has started. The Biggest Loser competition at work. I’ve done it the last 3 years and I kept my index cards from the beginning. After getting weighed today, I am still down 21 lbs from 3 years ago. I figure at this rate, I will be completely happy with my body in about 4 years LOL!

It was actually kind of fun Thursday. I ate chips and then later I had a pint of ice cream!!! Today before I got weighed, I even had a donut. I was trying to pack on the pounds to increase my odds of winning. Because one of the guy teachers tacks on like 20 lbs before the competition and ends up winning every year. Uggh! I am very happy to report, he did not enter the contest this year. He’s a really sweet guy, so he probably wanted to let someone else win at least once lol.

I was bummed though because I was so sick for a few days and obviously lost a few pounds. If I had to get the stomach virus, I wish I had gotten it NEXT week ya know? LOL Oh well. I’m feeling so much better, not queasy or nauseous at all.

It was my Dad’s girlfriend’s birthday today, so we all went over for pizza and cake. My brother picked up the pizza and I got the ice cream cake because Dad is still struggling to get around on one leg. But he did put on pants for the occasion lol! We were all happy about that hee hee. And presents of course! Do u know how hard it was to find a card? She’s not my Mom so those cards were out, but she’s more than a friend. Finally I found a really sweet card to a very special person who means so much. Hallmark really needs to get on that! Lol

I was still a little tired but had such a good time. She’s such a lovely and special woman and we’re very lucky to have her in our family. The kids adore her and she is their grandma. She does crafts with them, bakes with them and loves them just as my Mom would’ve. And I know it makes Mom so happy that even though she can’t be with us, we have this wonderful and fun woman in our lives.

My little 4 year-old niece M and I were sitting alone on the couch and she said she had gone with her Daddy to see my Mom at the cemetery. She said “You know she didn’t get to meet me but I feel her love all the time. And she makes me laugh.” I said that’s wonderful M because she loved to laugh. She said I know that silly then she laughed!!! Then she asked me once someone is dead can they ever be undead again? I said not in the way we would like but we do get to see them again one day. And we keep them alive by telling memories and through love. She smiled wide, gave me a big hug and lots of kisses n ran to dance with her sister.

Hope everyone had a great week.
Sorry I haven’t been active this week. I slept a lot for a few days and missed 2 days of work. But I am feeling good and ready to get back in the swing of things again. Enjoy your weekend and go where the love is!