Really? WTF?



As most of you have realized I have been posting a lot of articles about narcissism and codependency.  Yes, it originally started as a way for me to understand and process what P has dealt with for all these years.  Why he or anyone would stay unhappy and unloved year after year?  How could someone be okay and actually comfortable being ignored, manipulated, laughed at and basically treated not good enough for years? And to have chosen to have gone back to that lonely, tough situation willingly is something that I will never ever be able to comprehend.

Learning about the science behind traumatic bonding, addiction to the cycle of abuse and how the brain works has been extremely healing for me.  More than that, it’s fascinating to me that this type of abuse can obviously be so subtle that the victim does not even realize that it’s happening.  They know something is wrong or off with the person and their behavior but they don’t know what it is.

I have begun learning about personality disorders, narcissism, codependency, and other topics.  I do spend time scouring the internet.  I’ve read tons of articles and information that I think is interesting and educational yet will resonate with a lot of us.  Sometimes I weave in personal info, sometimes not.  I ALWAYS say who the article was written by and usually post a link to their website at the end.

I am truly happy to know that my blog is read and that I can be of some small help to those that have been abused or a victim.  My blog is very diverse in content and posts.  It is not just about any ONE topic.  It’s usually based on what I am feeling, dealing with or interested in.  There’s posts on depression, marriage, family, affairs, love, laughter, heartbreak, letting go and moving on, narcissism, quotes, humor, you name it.

In the last few days, something has happened 3 times now. Let me say, there are a bunch of people also interested in the same topic and spreading info about personality disorders.  They have been abused or know someone who has. They are supportive, generous and kind.  So I am quite used to people reblogging something I post.  I find it flattering and makes me smile. Like most of us, I enjoy when people relate to me, my blog, my life or my posts. I consider each mention a sweet n thoughtful gesture.

But now a few people (whose blogs I follow, enjoy and they follow mine)  just happen to post the exact same article I have within hours of my post!!! They correctly put the author’s name giving them credit, but then act like they just found it themselves a few hours after I post the same EXACT article?  Yeah right. The first time, I actually laughed and chalked it up to a coincidence. Great minds thinking alike and all. But now? I know it isn’t a coincidence and it’s just not very nice.

Obviously I am not as upset as I would be if someone posted my original content as their own. But it still bothers me that this keeps happening. This time the blogger posted it with a big picture of the author.  Does she think that I’ve done something wrong by posting the article in the first place and not including a huge photo of the very pretty author??  Oh and there was NO comment option, just like and reblog!!  Seriously WTF?!?!?!?

This makes me a little sad and confused. I get not wanting to reblog cause it doesn’t give whole post and it can be a pain, especially if you have other stuff you want to say or include. That’s totally fine n cool.

Since this has obviously gone from a coincidence to a complete disregard for where they first READ the article.  It’s absolutely legal but is it really okay?  No I didn’t write these articles (I am not a social worker or a psychologist), but I did go out of my way to find them, choose them and post them so people might read them.

The least someone can do if they want to repost the SAME EXACT ARTICLE hours later is either reblog, at least say this article was written by John Smith and found on Emma’s blog, or feel free to find your own articles to post.  

I really don’t think I’m wrong to feel upset.   But I am totally open to any and all opinions. Just be kind 🙂