I Know I’ve Been MIA

I really don’t know why but I haven’t wanted to blog the last few weeks.  I am realizing that my blog is no longer about an affair or a broken heart. It’s taking me a little while to figure out what my new focus will be. I guess it will continue to be about me, my marriage, my life and things that interest me.  It just seems a little boring to be perfectly honest lol.

Then what do I do? Take down all the posts about the affair? Start posting pictures of myself? These are the questions that have been going through my mind. So while I mull all this over and get through the end of the school year, I guess I’m going to need a little time to figure out what’s next.

I do know that I want to continue blogging, I just don’t want to feel so guilty every time I need a break.  Does that make any sense?  I feel like I have abandoned my friends and fellow bloggers and in a way I guess I have.  For that I deeply apologize.  I hope you all know how much you mean to me.

I’m just going through a transition period in life and figuring out what’s next for me is something I am still working on.  Am I happy?  Most days absolutely, but not all and that’s okay.

I wanted to let you all know what I was thinking and to be assured that this is just a temporary break.  And if anyone has any suggestions, I am more than open to them.  Feel free to suggest away.  I hope you are all doing well and that you are going where the love is.

Love, Emma

4 thoughts on “I Know I’ve Been MIA

  1. sonofabeach96 says:

    Hey! There you are! I’ve wondered where you’d been, and was hopeful everything was ok. As for what to blog about? Whatever comes to mind and interests you. You do it for you, not anybody else. No matter what, I’ll be following along. I’m happy that your focus won’t be on the affair stuff. Not because I didn’t like what you were writing, but because I think that signals you’ve healed and are moving on from it. And that’s a good thing. Don’t be a stranger, please. We’ll be ’round when you’re back, or need us. 😊

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  2. Jim says:

    don’t take down anything. I think you’ll regret it. evolve and just move in a different direction. I think you will be amazed two years from now with the difference between how you started and where you are then.

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