Finally Friday!

I am so ecstatic to be done with this crazy week.  I plan on relaxing and spending time with my hubby this weekend. We have to figure out what we are doing for Easter.  One of his brothers wants to go out to Montauk and start a new tradition.  I actually think it’s a pretty good idea to get away and start fresh for a day.  The first holidays after you lose someone you love just suck.  There’s no way of getting around that.  But I think having something fun to look forward to might help ease the pain and loss, even if just for a short time.  I guess we will see what hubby wants to do and go from there. I am not usually so passive and willing to just go along but I remember after my Mom died, I just wanted to be with my family every holiday that year.  So I want to show my H the same kindness and consideration that he gave to me when I needed it most.


friday fav f word

friday sexy



wrap friday

friday pig



Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!  Keep going where the love is xoxoxo!

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