The Fairytale

After kissing a pondful of frogs, you find your prince, get married, and live happily ever after right?  What happens when it doesn’t go the way you planned? Your prince becomes kind of a frog, you’re 38, haven’t had sex in over a year (hubby always tired or not in mood) and yet to have any kids.  Then you meet your soul mate.  Now life gets interesting lol. Do u stay and try to make it work with your frog prince / roommate?  Or do you grab the amazingly sexy, incredibly sweet guy who just completes you in every way.  No he’s not perfect, but he might just be perfect for you. Stay tuned….

12 thoughts on “The Fairytale

  1. Have you seen Chris? says:

    So not to be too personal or weird. But I think we have talked on this subject before. How is sex with your husband going? I ask because my wife and I are in the same boat. I just have no interest, in her or anyone. Just curious if you guys had made progress in this area? I’d like to and I know my wife would love me to.

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    • emmagc75 says:

      Um ur entitled to your opinion thanks. And Im glad you found Jesus, but I never lost him k? LOL Dial down the crazy and good luck with the MS. Like most sane people, I believe in using a combo of modern medicine, herbal supplements and GOD. My ex has MS and he’s doing great. His Dr is actually the one spearheading the stem cell research so he’s in good hands. Good luck n God bless!


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