16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Truth

  1. sunshinelifeforme says:

    True. I looked back through the past 3+ years of texts “between” H and I. (Mostly me texting him with little response.) There are times when I actually said “please acknowledge you received these texts” – and for God’s sake, they weren’t to-do lists of things I was nagging about; they were cute pics of our dogs, questions about when he thought he’d be home, and stuff like that. Easy to have said -aw, that’s cute- but instead he ignored…because he was too busy entertaining her I guess. Nowadays, I get a response as soon as I hit send, nearly every time. I guess he’s decided he now cares.

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  2. zombiedrew2 says:

    Very true. However what it means is somewhat deceptive. Sometimes people do disappear and stop calling/writing/putting in effort. And it seems like they don’t care. But in some cases it’s because they are dealing with personal issues on thier own, and although they actually need other people around them they start to isolate themselves. Sometimes they are lost and in need of help, and don’t know how to ask for it.

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    • emmagc75 says:

      Yes but that’s completely different. This is more for us fools that have made excuses for selfish asses that just don’t care. Not for people that are hurting n just in so much pain they can’t reach out. As someone who has battled depression for 20 years, I’m kind of an expert on THAT kind of pain unfortunately.

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